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All magic comes about because of the universe. It is all the laws of nature combined with the ability of our minds to understand these laws. This is why all magic systems do not work for everyone and why certain individuals are more prone to certain powers than others. Some people are naturally more resistant to magic than others. Some groups will never be touched by it in any way other than their will it. Some don’t even know of its existence.

The most powerful magical beings in existence are able to do all sorts of things with magic. They can make something disappear, or create one from nothing. Or they can make someone disappear at the first hint they think of. They can even take someone from somewhere else and put them right back in there. That last one isn’t necessarily something we can really see or do in our daily lives.

However, there are many things that we do every day that could also affect our ability to do magic. These range from basic things such as eating food, to things that need a little thought to get right. As we all know, things that require a little thought could be deadly.

So how do we know if someone has mastered or trained to manipulate magic? That’s where you come in!

The power to manipulate magical energy comes with special training. Some magic users are naturally very adept at manipulating it and others only begin to get into the realm of magic when a certain experience makes their mind a little better prepared. This is why your character starts so strong on the road to becoming a magical adept.

There are many different types of magic to choose from. Every mage is more than capable of using all of them and mastering what they do.

A good example would be one with natural magical resistance. Someone who naturally is able to resist magic doesn’t have to train in order to use it, which means most mages won’t be trained in using it.
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This same type of natural magical resistance will also help you when using magic. This also means that using spells that are powerful as they are wont to hurt you, as long as you can see them in the first place.

Magic items such as rods that increase your magic resistance will increase how easily you can see and use those magical techniques. Those rods may very well be the ones that will see you through to whatever higher level spells you will learn later on.

This is why magic is a very powerful training technique. You train by creating a new relationship with magic and learning to master

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