What are physical illusions? – Top New Zach King Funny Magic Vines Best Magic Tricks Ever

Physical illusions are events that people have experienced that they think are illusions but are really not. This is how they know they are seeing something that is not there in reality. For example, when a person walks past a moving billboard and then finds a car parked directly in front of it and is tempted to go inside to see its driver, a physical illusion takes place. A physical illusion is a sensation, like a feeling of being pulled towards or away from something. It does not have any physical content or reality. If you try to draw a picture that resembles the car or billboard but when you look at it, you can’t see a car or billboard that has not moved. Or think of the feeling you get when you come across a beautiful person in the street. Sometimes you look at a beautiful person and there is no need to look anything up and then get your information with your brain. So, you will notice that you get a physical sensation of being drawn towards the beautiful person. But, in reality the idea of beauty is no longer in existence and you cannot get your information through your brain. A physical illusion is a sensation, as in the feeling of being sucked away from a physical attraction, but that is not in your physical brain but in your mind.

How physical illusions are different from spiritual illusions

There are two types of physical illusions – spiritual and physical. This means that spiritual illusions are only spiritual illusions when it comes to physical events. When one experiences an event as if he is sitting in front of a temple and listening to a Buddhist monk give some dharma talk, this is simply the way you experience this event. But if you are sitting near a pond or lake, this is a spiritual illusion because you believe that you are looking into the water and listening to the dharma speak. When the idea of a spiritual teaching is created in your mind from an idea like this, then it is a physical illusion.

Another type of physical illusion is a spiritual-like experience. You look at the lake and it does not move. That is a spiritual-like experience. If you think of a mountain, which actually does move and look like a mountain, this is a spiritual-like experience. In some cases the idea of physical meditation can be very spiritual, but once you are engaged in meditation you may need to go outside in order to get your mental information for the meditation. In such cases, it is not necessarily something that you see happening to you in your mind’s eye, but your mental environment does change.

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