Is levitation real or an illusion? – Simple Magic Tricks With Paper

The concept of levitraption is a popular one among psychics, magicians, and other professionals in a number of fields for a reason – if there really was an advanced form of levitation, it wouldn’t need to be so hard to accomplish . . . and yet, here we are! For more accurate answers to the above questions, check out the articles below.

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For the curious reader: the title of this article does not imply, and never implied, that levitation is real. Rather the article merely demonstrates something that does occur in the field of paranormal.

What is levitation?

“We are the ones who use the mind and spirit and body, the body as the source of vibrations, for what we feel as if we are moving, it’s a body transfer. We do that with all the muscles of body on the planet as they are involved in any process.” -John Meehan, author The Spirit in the Machine

Levitation can be seen happening in real time on a wide range of objects in a number of different locations. It can be seen when an object is suspended by a solid body (i.e., when a person stands on a table or the edge of a window). You’d be surprised about how many instances where objects come to a sudden stop in front of you when you’re watching or being watched – it’s almost as if a huge force is pulling them to a halt.

Here’s a perfect example. Some years ago on a street in New York there was an old, old, large old building and a woman standing in front of it was having an amazing experience. She could move about her surroundings so easily and with such speed she couldn’t get near any of the other windows in the building to get a better view. So she moved back to the window she was originally standing on to get a better view.

This example may seem crazy or crazy-ish to you right now, but it happens all the time, and it also happens a lot when you’re watching a movie. The same effect has also been described in various science fiction movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, and also in movies like The Man Who Would Be King.

Is levitation real or an illusion?

It seems to be an extremely common type of paranormal experience, and yet even the most skeptics claim it happened in their lifetime, if you can even call an experience a lifetime. Levitation appears as something that happens almost spontaneously or happens very

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