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Kellie is his last name and he is a former employee of Bill Clinton’s administration, including at the time of their “tough love” treatment of the Whitewater land deal. That’s why he’s not only a good friend of the Clintons but the only former Clinton White House insider to talk with the special prosecutor.

“I’ve known Hillary since we were a little girl,” Teller said.

Why does the mainstream media do not report on the fact that Teller is a close friend of Hillary Clinton? Why is the mainstream media not reporting on his ties to The Clinton Foundation despite being an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton?

“They don’t want to touch that stuff,” he said of mainstream journalists. “They don’t want to give her the time of day. If you don’t have friends in the Clinton White House and other government office of the former president, you don’t have friends in government.”

What other connections have Teller made to the Clintons through his involvement in the “real estate” world?

“Let me say this,” he said. “Bill Clinton was a very good friend of mine. I met him at the Clinton White House in 1991-1993. The first time I saw him, a month before I came to the White House, he was just a guy who had come from Dallas. He was carrying my passport to Texas and he couldn’t even pronounce it, I was a little bit confused that he couldn’t pronounce my name. All he said was, ‘I’m Bill Clinton’ and he got it.

“He was one of those ‘old white guys’ and you didn’t know about it because most of us in Dallas knew Bill was the president. He was one of the guys who made ’em laugh and made ’em feel good, and then he left. He left and he ran for city council as a Democrat and the first election he ran in, he was never beaten. He had a very powerful family and he became mayor of Dallas in 1992, he became a Republican candidate for president in 1996,” Teller said.

How long have you had a strong political relationship with the Clintons?

“After I had left the White House, I began to be an informal adviser to Bill Clinton, and then my son started working for the Clintons, so we have a close connection even though we live 20 miles apart.”

“She has a very good relationship with President Clinton. He has a good relationship with her

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