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The concept seems reasonable. When you see the video you’ll see a man in a ball-giant suit in which a ball is being carried. The ball is suspended by two cords which come from the suit’s wrists and ankles. The suit’s movements can be set by remote control, similar to a tennis racquet for the tennis-player and an electric skateboard or an electric wheelchair for the wheelchair user.
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If you have seen this guy in action you’ll know he is a master at telekinesis. His fingers can reach around the ball, swing it through the air, and even bend it in various ways. The suit also comes equipped with a built-in light source which can light up the man’s clothes.

However, most telekinesis technology does not extend to actual telekinesis. The man on the video was actually trying to control an electric car with a hand-held remote controller. There is even a video on YouTube where that man tries to manipulate someone else’s car with telekinesis, but he only manages something along the lines of throwing the car.

This is not as absurd as it sounds. A lot of people are just very smart and able to develop sophisticated mind-wires, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that telekinesis is real. I can’t help but think of something far more realistic. Would my sister have the same powers?


There is a video on YouTube that shows what it would look like if my brother and I were to have a mind-wielder suit—I’m not sure exactly what it resembles. It might resemble a cross between a basketball and a bowling ball with spikes on each end.

A video about a telekinesis suit goes like this:

If you have seen the video you will remember some of the effects. The guy in the suit has to stay on some sort of ground to avoid a snake. He has to have the control of an electric wheelchair, and he has to be able to feel the ground with two hands. When he is about to step on the ground, he has a switch that will cut out the snakes and start the ball. Finally, when he steps onto the floor he has to move the chair around to prevent it from getting kicked.

The video also shows that he has to be able to lift a large object with telekinesis, like a small wooden stick.

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