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The first thing we should understand about minigame is that it is a type of miniature game. This means that your mini game must be small.

Miniature games may be played at home or in your car but you must use a game board, as opposed to a minisize. This is because in the minigames we are talking about there must, more than any other type of miniature game, be a grid of figures with an axis that runs from the center of the board.

If you are used to playing a real life board, such as chess, you will recognize this grid.

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We see mini games being played nowadays all over the world and they are very popular.

In our study minis, we have discovered the following:

They have many different functions

Many of them have a different character

Some have different abilities than others

Some are played by more than one person and some play in groups

They are played at a leisure, in the afternoon (a lot of them are played in the evening), in small groups or even alone.

They are played by children of all ages

These are the main features that we have discovered about minis.

If you want to understand minis in further detail, we will explain more about them in this article.

Included below are the most important things you should take note of in the miniatures literature or from your experience.

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