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Levitation is only possible if a human being, who has an intact and effective brain stem and spinal cord, can control and direct their body or their brain. In other words, if a person is using a device, or brain pacemaker, to help them stay conscious and aware (and thus avoid unconsciousness), then that person has a functioning brain stem or spinal cord.

However, many people who are not conscious but can control their body still have a brain stem or spinal cord. For example, a person with Parkinson’s disease might have a brain stem but not the ability to control and direct their body. A person with brain cancer might have a functioning brain stem but not have the ability to control and direct their body. Also, not everyone with brain cancer can control their body through their brain.

This is important to remember, since brain cancer has a 100% mortality rate, so it could be someone who is perfectly healthy who decides to take brain cells and inject them into themselves to get the cancer treatment that they otherwise would not.

Is levitation impossible by human?

Human levitation is certainly possible, but it is more likely impossible as compared to other types of flying. While an intact and functioning brain can levitate a small object (like a plastic bag or a bottle cap) and move it at a speed of one meter per second, the human body can only handle so much force before the force of the air or the weight of the object can cause the object to hit the ground and break apart (which is what happens with levitation), thus making it impossible as compared to other types of flying. In other words, levitation or flying through the air is more of a matter of skill than of science.

What causes levitation?

How does levitation happen?

How does it work?
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Levitation is the phenomenon when a person moves through an object in a way that causes it to levitate. This does not happen automatically, as it takes skill and control. When a person moves an object towards another person. As the object flies away at the speed of light, the object continues in the direction of the speed of light (the faster speed is more directional to the point that it can be thought of as straight).

What are the benefits of levitation?

People living in areas with severe earthquakes can levitate themselves and have their bodies moved through the air without hurting themselves. People in these areas may have injuries that can still not be healed

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