What is telekinesis power? – Magic Trick Videos For Kids Age 8

This power allows a psychic to pull out of their body something that is bigger than themselves, such as a building or a monster.

Telekinesis Power 1: Telekinesis, Force Powers

Telekinesis power has 4 different power and is only available to all psykers of the same level (level 1 or higher for all Powers).

Telekinesis power 1: Force Wave

Telekinesis power 1 is a force power that telekineses a creature and hits a very hard point on the creature’s body. When casted, the target suffers from the power’s main effect for as long as the creature’s hit point total is lower than the maximum hit point total. The target does not suffer from any negative effects related to the power.

Telekinesis power 2: Force Bolt

The target is pushed off of a target (including themselves) towards the nearest unoccupied square. Their movement speed is halved for the round.

Telekinesis power 3: Telekinetic Strike

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Telekinesis power 3 is a weapon power that telekinetically tosses a creature. The target in the target’s way, and then the target and other creatures that can see and sense it are subjected to each of the following effects until the end of the target’s next turn: The target takes 1d6 force damage (Reflex DC 18 half). The target is stunned, grappled, and restrained, but can move or act normally on its next turn.

The target takes 1d6 force damage (Reflex DC 17 half) as it is thrown. Anyone other than the target of the spell is not affected, even creatures that cannot move.

Telekinesis power 4: Force Barrier

Telekinesis power 4 is an aura power that creates a barrier that protects another creature from spell effects, and is immune to all damage, except a dispel good or dispel magic spell. A target that passes through the barrier (as normal for casting a spell) gets an advantage on any attack roll, saving throw, or ability check it makes that round. This bonus lasts as long as the target remains within the barrier. The DC of the save against the spell is equal to 10 + the spellcasting character’s psi modifier.

Telekinesis power 5: Telekinetic Wave

The target is pulled (and flung, if possible) in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction up to 60 feet.

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