What is the oldest magic organization? – Magic Tricks Youtube Card

The oldest magic organization is the one that originated from Azir.

According to the ancient magics, the origins of the first magic organization was in a cave in the country. The founder of the organization was a priest and the only one who survived was Tauran.

What was the first power in the magic association?

We can’t say anything about the first power for now.

Who took the role of the secretary of the magical association? Can’t say either.

What is the best magic association?

We can’t say anything.

When the magic association was founded, what was the origin of its name? Where did it come from? What powers do the members have?

The name of the magic association originally mentioned that it would change depending on the status of the magic practitioner. At this point, we know that it was originally created as a private association, but it seems that the magic association was later founded as the nation of Azir.

What is the name of the magician guild?

We can’t say anything. Is this also the origin of its name?

What is the power that the master of this magic association has?

At present, we know that it is the oldest magic association in history. It was founded in a cave in the country. Now, no one knows who the master of the association is.

What was the name of the first magic skill?

It seems that the first magic skill was the magic technique of casting a spell.

Who is the leader?

We think that it was a high class magician at the time. We have made this determination based on an article in Azir’s encyclopedia and the reports that we have heard.

Are there any other magic organizations besides the magic association?

Although it’s not the best answer, there are many magical systems that still can’t be used. We know that they are not the ones that originated originally from Azir, but there are also magical systems that are not the ones that were originally made in the country or in a cave. If this is the case, then many magical systems like the magic association are in the future.

We hope that the magic association is not the only one of its kind.

Do people in our country have magic?

What kind of people?

We don’t know. All that we can hear are the stories from Azir’s history. In addition

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