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He doesn’t really have one.


The Joker looks like he has one; I think. He makes you feel like you’re one of the Joker’s victims. It’s really terrifying. It’s just a really strong statement about people who were abused, who couldn’t get a good lawyer, who couldn’t find a good attorney or had no chance,” she says.

The book’s art, by Patrick Gleason (The Red Tornado, Spider-Man: Web of Death) and Dave Stewart (The Punisher), draws on the classic comic book art style: dark, moody, with huge eyes, flowing dark hair, and a sinister smirk.


In the comic version of the Joker, he murders a young girl and her parents. The graphic novel, however, makes it clear that the Joker’s victim is not so innocent. It ends with the Joker taking away the girl’s memory forever, and replacing it with a different one of him and his murderous streak.

In the original story, the Joker’s “dear young victims”—the victims of the original Joke Killer—had only survived an initial assault, or one that took place in a crowded location (such as an apartment building) and thus was unable to explain such behavior. So, they thought the Joker had “fought back,” and this was in fact just one of the ways Joker had found to terrorize his victims. This is what keeps the story from being a revenge tragedy. But Gleason and Stewart decided to create the graphic novel version that focuses on the victims of Joker’s crimes.


“The original book said, ‘It’s not a revenge story, it’s more a case of justice’ and that’s what the book is now,” said Gleason, who was previously in charge of graphic-novel scripts for writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch. “I did have to work a little bit harder at telling stories that were more relatable, I wasn’t sure how people would relate to [the Joker] so it did take some time.”

Gleason said that, in the original book, it was much more about “this guy who’s mad about this whole ‘what if your daughter became one of those people like me?’ I was really frustrated with that.”

Gleason told io9 that the problem wasn’t so much that he had to make the story less relatable as much as he was concerned about the depiction of one character

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