Who plays Link’s wife in The Matrix Reloaded? – Magic Tricks Explained Bgt

Dwayne Johnson

The first time I saw that movie about the original character, I didn’t think I’d ever see him make the action flick he is now, and I love the man’s work in everything he does. I hope he returns to the franchise in some capacity.

What’s the deal with the new Link?

I’m afraid he’s been a little lost recently. [The previous incarnation was played by] Tom Hardy in a movie I wrote. It didn’t make it to the screen, because that was the script I wrote. It turns out Tom isn’t the perfect guy for the job, [and] the producers wanted someone else to do it. So we went to Dwayne Johnson, who has done such a great job, and got his support to bring that guy back in a really big way (laughs).

Who played Kratos in the first installment? Did he play himself?

He [did], but I don’t remember exactly, because his performance just changed the way I felt [during the filming]. I didn’t really have a character in mind before he showed up, and he brought to life a lot of parts of the game I hadn’t seen before. He’s such a character actor, it wasn’t even a question if I was going to do it or not.

You’ve directed more than 30 movies as director and star, did you think about what you could do in a TV series?

I had this idea for the show before I saw this script. I’m pretty sure the story will change, because I haven’t seen the pilot. When I got the script, it was about a guy who lost everything. We didn’t want to tell the story that was in the film, which is that he’s lost something incredible and lost something amazing. So there is an element of reality (in the first film) and an element of fantasy [in the new one] — which is awesome. I had this idea for the book, it’s not a series because I don’t think I’ve got the money to do a TV one, except for maybe Netflix and [MTV’s] Punk’d (laughs). But I thought, “Maybe someone just tells me what to do and I’ll do this.” That’s been kind of cool. It’s cool because you can do this for a living if you’re willing to get on this plane.

What were you going to watch with family this weekend?

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