Where did the idea of magic come from? – Easy Magic Tricks For Beginners At Home

It came from the ancient civilizations that came up from the sea. They made it a religion and they taught people to put fire and gold and gold dust into their clothing.

And did that happen with the Jews?

No. They did not put anything in their clothing. The ancient religions that did not make it a religion gave it to the Jews. The priests that did make it a religion made it a religion. The ancient religions from the sea showed that magic was a real practice.

The idea that magic is a religion and not a religion started early. The prophet of Ishtar, Ishtar being the goddess of fertility, was a great-grandmother of the magician, Ishtar. So it went back to the sea. There was probably a lot of gold in the sea and it was like that way for a long time. But then you know what? It was gold that did it. And it got to a point that everybody wanted to use it for healing, but they were not really sure what it was for. The people who thought it was for healing would go round the streets saying, “It’s for healing everybody. It’s as if the devil had taken possession of the body of the woman.”

Then the Christian church thought it was for healing and they started to put all these wonderful things with gold in it – like prayer cards, crosses, candles – into this stuff. And it was like going home with a brand new pair of trousers.

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So now you see, you’ve got an idea of people going out there and trying to work things out.

Well, yes, but you don’t believe it.

You’ve got the belief that it’s some kind of an animal or some kind of a divine thing that you think is working on your own body in the absence of anybody that can see it.

Exactly. If you have to say it then it’s an animal. If you have to say it then it has to be God.

We can’t say it’s an animal or God. It’s as real as any other thing that we know. If it’s real you’ve got to believe it and that gives you an insight into it.

Are there people that can tell us when it happens?

There’s no test. If you give them this, then it’s because the people believe it.

So it’s God that’s giving them an insight into it?

Exactly. I think that God is

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