Who plays Link’s wife in The Matrix Reloaded? – Easy Magic Tricks Videos

Yes, she is played by the great actress Sigourney Weaver. Weaver was also in the movie, also played by Milla Jovovich. In an interview she also said that she felt very good doing the job:

Sigourney Weaver: I was just so excited, it was so great. The challenge was just to keep him in character. The script was amazing and so much fun, but it was like, “The script doesn’t describe what he’s doing so I need to improvise.” I was going a little bit overboard but that’s what made it so wonderful. [laughs] The rest is history.

Do you know this: she played the Oracle in the Matrix trilogy! She is the Oracle in both the final movie as well as the prequels!

The Oracle is played by Sigourney Weaver in the Matrix trilogy. And the Oracle is the Oracle in the prequel. The Oracle is played by Sigourney Weaver in the Matrix trilogy. And the Oracle is the Oracle in the prequel.

Did her role at the time of the film influence or bring about any changes to the character in The Lord of the Rings?

No, for the love of god, that is a myth. She was just incredibly talented. And she got to play that role again in a whole other way; and I loved it. I thought that was a huge compliment.

So she would go as The Oracle again. It is a fun, big franchise. But again, she didn’t get to do anything really like that. But you can’t help but love the performance when her face is in the background. It’s amazing. That’s the one that is so satisfying.

When she played the Oracle, it was a little more “mumble” than “mumble” you’d expect from a character as intelligent as she is.

[Laughs] You want more mumble, then you go see the film!

She is also extremely clever. Is that one of her greatest strengths?

To me, it’s so clever because she gets to use all those knowledge she’s already gained from the time in Middle-earth that gives her access into that world. It’s great fun to see her do all this. It’s really fun to see her go from being a beautiful, graceful young lady, to being a sophisticated, calculating, hard-nosed bureaucrat, and it’s not like she’s a one-dimensional character in any way.

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