Do banks sell coin wrappers? – Magic Trick Cards

No banks have ever sold coin wrappers.

Coin wrappers are made of polypropylene plastic, and are intended for use with coins that have been cleaned or are in pristine packaging such as old postage stamp envelopes or the envelope itself.

How many banks do you know of that actually accept coin wrappers?

There are now over 725 US-based banks.

Is there a place where I can get the coin wrappers, especially bulk price bins, on eBay?

Yes, our website is a marketplace where you can find bulk price bins where you can purchase the wrappers.

Do you have a price calculator?

No. We don’t know if it’s possible to know pricing for our prices, so we don’t provide that. I am unsure of why that is.

I see a price tag on a coin, do you have an official price point or is it based on market research?

There are currently no official prices in regards to coin wraps. They are not subject to government regulation.

Does there exist a set cost for coin wraps? I have been able to find some that cost as little as $.25 per coin on eBay. Is there a minimum amount to buy?

We do not have standard pricing, just the following:

Cost of Coin Wrapping:

We charge per coin (1 wrapper per 1 coin)

$1 per $0.20 coin

1 coin = $7.50

100 coins = $2.90 per coin

If you want to be sure that your wrappers don’t come out above our pricing, check that your coins are properly clean and wrapped before purchasing.

Is there anything they can do with the wrappers?

Yes, they can wrap them inside of a coin.

Will the wrappers come out clean or damaged?

We do not recommend wrapping inside of coins.

Is it legal to put a coin in a coin wrapper?

Coin wrappers are not legal, but that is a decision for the buyer or seller to make.

Is a coin wrap legal to give to a child or an adult as a gift?


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