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Is there one key to this phenomenon, one thing to look for that makes the difference, and then get the best artist?

I was fortunate enough to be involved in numerous collaborations with many talented visual artists; as I was learning to become a more artistic person, I encountered artists that were very talented and had great taste. They were all artists who liked the same things and had similar tastes; not only in visual art but also in their musical tastes. The fact is that there is no one key, no universal standard for artists. No single standard for music is a “best” or “best” or “most important or the best.” I would say that the music on this album is the best it can be, but how does it do that?

We’re really proud of the sounds produced, the way we can create music that is interesting to the listener while sounding like something in life, something that you could get to see on television. It’s got that element of reality that we really want and can achieve. We’re proud of this record, because we really wanted it to be a statement.

This is the first of a 2nd solo project with J Mascis. How long has he been with you guys for? Who is currently at your side? What’s your schedule looking like right now?

J Mascis is our current singer/songwriter and guitarist. I have been a very close friend of his since we were 14 years old. He is still a really good friend, and very excited to be part of this creative venture. J Mascis and I have been collaborating for over 5 years now. We’ve played in bands, recorded together, toured together, recorded together, recorded together.

While we were together in the band Bad Religion, we started recording an album with him. It went nowhere before we started writing music. And the best thing about it, J was always supportive and encouraged us as we tried to accomplish the record. Now, on Bad Religion and now this new project with J Mascis, we are both really excited to be sharing the creative process with each other. It’s been a big step for J since he got into the industry and we are both excited to take the next big step in our musical journey in what will hopefully be a very long and fruitful partnership.

You and J Mascis were working on this project way before the Bad Religion record was released. How has the process been with you guys?

J and I

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