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The second week of testing on the new RSI Constellation-class star destroyer has concluded. The ship received its first formal field test in April 2012 and has just begun its final phase of testing.

This week, this vessel was launched in a modified version of the vessel from the Cape Canaveral Space Shuttle Landing Dock (CSDL) in Florida. The final phase of testing included a full-scale “water splashdown” test, two “crawling” trials, and several live fire trials of a variety of weapons and sensors.

We’re really pleased with where we’ve ended up thus far. During this month, we’ve managed to take this design up to the final stage of design, where we’ve been able to add even more systems and components to the ship’s systems (a list of some of the new additions includes an array of sensor arrays from the new Aegis BMP-1 surface-to-air missile system, the newly integrated HVAC and electric utilities of the U.S. and Israeli navy’s new Block VII ships, and a variety of weapon-systems to the U.S. Missile Defense Command’s Aegis Battle Control System). There are currently four subsystem configurations. Four configurations equals a total of four systems, and there is also a fifth component that was not built in time for testing (the ship’s propulsion system).

We’re going to continue to work closely with the U.S. Navy as they continue to fine tune their weapons and missile defense platforms. We are in the middle of developing the ship’s systems so we’re very pleased to now have them fully integrated into the design that has gone through over five year’s of development.

We’ll also continue to keep the ship’s capabilities on the rise and update our fans as we test the ship’s capabilities.

A new, noninterventionist policy of the United States, one which has been opposed by all of the major economic and political powers of the world, has become a reality under the presidency of Donald Trump.

America’s traditional power status is eroding and an aggressive nationalist policy is in the process of taking over the world. At a time when all other countries are moving away from their traditional policy of non-interventionism, America is the only country that remains on the opposite end of that spectrum.

The US military has continued to

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