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There are a few steps that need to be taken. First, decide on all layers, and which way is best (either “up” or “down”). Then draw each one. If it isn’t an oval, draw a square. If you are using one of the included brushes that are not available in the kit, or if you want the brush head to be slightly different size, the first thing to do is measure the width of your brush head. You need to measure both the front and the back.

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Now measure twice, to make sure your paint brush is exactly the same size and shape.

If your brushes aren’t exactly the same size, make the first measurement as if you would be using the kit. This usually requires some work, but not too much. I’ve found that using the front of one hand is much easier than using the other, although you may well be able to get away with using both. A large, blunt paintbrush with a length of sharp, serrated or rounded metal wire that sits between the back and front of the brush is recommended.

Now measure twice again, making sure your paintbrush is exactly the same size and shape. It’s not necessary to draw exactly exactly on every canvas, so if yours is small, make the first measurement as if you would be using the kit.

Now measure 3 times, so that you have a ruler for every dimension. Measure twice again to set the length of your paintbrush, so the ruler is equal to or larger than your width (i.e., 3/8 of your width, or 5/8 = 8/8). Then measure once more, only this time you will measure the width, so the ruler is at least 1/2 your width. For my brushes, I use a long, thin paintbrush (3/8 of my width, or 5/8 = 12/16, or 1/2 foot).

Finally, if your paint brush is only a little longer than 1/2 the height of your ruler, add 1,000 times your ruler width. This is how far up you need to draw every inch of your painting (in the pictures you will notice that mine were over 11 inches tall, but my top was over 6). That’s just a guideline.

Now get to it!

If you have an old school woodcarving knife that is longer than your paintbrush, or a small flat blade, these first couple of inches will be tricky,

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