Can you erase graphite pencil? – Pencil Drawing Set For Beginners

Graphite pencil has very thin, yet heavy, surface that leaves the most traces on it (when using it on a drawing). It has very fine edge, so it does not stick to the paper. It leaves marks and a black color.

It is best to use an eraser to erase graphite pencil. And erase eraser is most effective to erase graphite pencil with the tips of the eraser tips.

For graphite to be erased you really need to have your pen tip touching to the paper.

Use the pen with the tip facing the paper.

Turn the eraser tip over and then place the eraser on the edge as shown below.

Now you can erase graphite pencil. But keep that eraser on the opposite side as illustrated below.

See those little eraser points? Place them below the graphite pencil.

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What is ‘Fiscal Inflation’

Fiscal inflation is the increase in average prices as a consequence to government spending. Inflation occurs because:

the government spends more of its income than it collects in taxes, and

the increase in income is passed on in higher prices to people earning the higher incomes.

Fiscal inflation can occur when tax rates rise, government spending decreases, or both. This can result in large increases in the government deficit.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Fiscal Inflation’

When there is fiscal inflation, it typically occurs when the consumer price index or CPI (consumer prices are the most widely-used measure for measuring inflation in a country) goes up and the government collects in-kind taxes, like sales taxes. In order to calculate an inflation rate when the government is not receiving in-kind taxes, analysts use the Consumer Price Index as a measure of inflation.

This type of inflation can contribute to a larger amount of government deficit as the economy increases in size, unemployment goes down, and companies continue to invest. Fiscal inflation can also occur when the government reduces public services, such as public education.

Example: The Government Implements a Tax Increase

An increase in the Consumer Price Index or CPI over 10% is considered to be fiscal inflation, because there is an additional cost of living. When there is fiscal inflation, the price of any good or service is higher than it would be if the government provided a comparable service free of charge.

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