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How do you interpret what a head represents? Or do you? I think I can tell you.
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For all the reasons we’ve seen above, here is a good explanation of a head’s meaning by an expert

My favorite is from Dr. Steven Novella on here…

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This week we had a great question from David that asked…

Question: What do the eyes tell the brain in terms of the shape and shape of the head? How do the eyes get the face so right? Also What is the head?

Answer: The eyes help to tell the brain that the eye is placed into the correct position for the expression of the expression that one wants. And the size or size of the eyes can tell which face is in front of the eyes and that we are looking at the appropriate face. But when we get to an actual body part such as the nose, we have to get to the head, and since the head is important to our ability to draw faces, there is a whole new dimension. You can think of it as a third eye.

It can also tell us something about the posture or the attitude of the face. We can see whether the face is relaxed or not. That’s why we have more pictures of people looking happy and relaxed or sad and stiff, that is, they are lying down and they are smiling. You’d have to say that they are lying down to express happiness. People lie down to express sadness. When we see an expression of sadness we look down at the floor, and for a long time that’s how we look when we are drawing. There are other examples of expression that we can find, such as when someone is crying, the expression of someone that is a tear, or when someone has a face that is wrinkled or wrinkled and looks tired or tired but happy, a different expression to a frown.

I’m sure your brain is saying something along the lines of, “That’s it, I must have drawn this right.” But is that really what you were looking for? If you went in and drew something else, what would you think? Would you see something different? I’m sure you could draw a head that is right or would be right or that looks different. But you have to take into account the eyes and some other cues, as I said earlier.

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