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I don’t do well with digital art but I’m not entirely incapable… Any time you get a chance to draw, make a sketch of it. It’s a lot easier to remember what you drew. You don’t need to perfect the drawing. The point just isn’t to get the design, but to get the idea. Then you’ll understand the concept better!

The first thing you learn to draw is the perspective. So draw what you see through the eyes of different parts of the character when you see it from different angles. If your character is standing on a piece of flat surface, place the eyes and the ears on the ground of the object you’re drawing. If you’re drawing a character standing on top of a small object that you’re drawing with your arm, take notice of how your eyes move from one eye to the other. Is the character’s head moving up and down? Is the torso moving up and down so that it’s parallel with the ground? Then go back to the drawing and think about the perspective. Think about the point of view of the eye and the other body parts. How far is it from where the person is looking at them? How far away is it? Also, think about the perspective of the character when they’re looking at the object you’re drawing. You don’t need to know everything there is to know about perspective, but being able to see different points of view is good.

When a figure is moving, when characters talk, when there is movement of the air, that’s when you can make the lines and shapes move. The movement of lines and shapes is called drawing.

When I was a little boy, my mother got a camera from her family and we used to draw pictures every day. I liked drawing. I drew animals, flowers, landscapes. I would take a picture and use Photoshop to copy it, and then I would look at it for a certain amount of time and use Photoshop again to do some editing around it, like make a little change to the background. Then I would take that photograph and send it back to my mother, and she would copy it to the wall in our kitchen for posterity. It was the most simple thing I could imagine. It wasn’t really a drawing, but it was kind of like drawing. You just did what you did, and you copied it onto the wall.

Why do you think artists make great designers? I can’t really answer that question, really. When people make mistakes, they have

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