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The sketching process is very different in each style, from the classic hand-drawn style to digital-realistic, or sketching based on an existing image. The key aspect of this process is that you must draw for each element in the scene and each image in all of your sketches.

How you must think about your drawings?

How are each of the elements in your drawings? This helps in identifying what elements are important to you and what elements need to be changed depending on a particular type of illustration, as well as which sketches are appropriate or inappropriate for a particular style.

What are your main objectives when you are writing down your drawings for each element?

Be clear about important points in the scene. If you think of all of the characters (with some exceptions) in your sketches, then it will be easier to understand and understand which characters you have written down when you write each sketch.

Do you need to draw a sketch of several characters? Or would you even need to draw a sketch of only one of the characters? What about one character and one object, and two or three characters and nothing but the object on the drawing?

As a rule of thumb, try and get all the characters from the start of your sketch to the end.

What is the most common mistakes you make when you are designing your drawings?

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Many people think about drawing things like animals while drafting their sketch. Although they can be a useful way of looking at and illustrating things as well, it is not always appropriate, especially when creating a sketch of a person. It is okay to sketch a few animals and put them on separate pages, and to sketch objects and characters on separate pages, but you should not put them together.

Similarly, when sketches are not done to order, especially if they are drawn on large sheets of paper, then they are not easy to read and follow as well, and you may find the drawings of objects quite difficult to follow or understand.

A good idea to look at some pictures of animals:

In this first example, you see a dog in the middle of a field. In the second example, the dog is walking down a hill in his yard. What is important is that both dogs are showing the appropriate amount of energy and physical activity while walking.

How to avoid drawing errors

Always keep an eye out for errors in drawings, especially when you are sketching or reading. It is almost always possible to do

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