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To practice it you can use sketch, free software designed by Pixar artists, like Photoshop, Sketchbook, and Inkscape. They are great software to start sketching at school or school projects. Learn how to use those tools with the free online classes at or use the free online course at Then make your own art for your children. It’s much more fun than watching them draw for the first time. You can use your drawing program to draw shapes on your paper, or make your own with a pencil, a whiteboard ruler, and markers—you don’t have to have a drawing program to design and draw on paper. Sketch your own cartoon, story, or illustration on paper. You will love it.

Don’t make your own drawings? This is a great idea! Use a drawing program to draw shapes on your paper, or if you don’t have a drawing program, then make some sketches from pencil and colored charcoal and draw the same things.

Are there any good school-related activities I can do at home? No. But there are more things you can do at home. You can do house chores. You can cook meals. You should do housework before and after school. You may wish to do some homework. This is something you can do at home. Some of the suggestions below are things you can start doing. Some of these may take some time to do properly. But they may help you stay in school. I don’t know about you, but the thought of being home all day isn’t appealing! You should also make friends. You can talk to your friends and parents on the phone. Or you can play video games every half hour for 15 minutes. I can’t believe how amazing doing these things looks from the outside, but it doesn’t sound like much fun at first. This is something you can do. You can take your own books and read or watch videos and pictures. You can take pictures of friends and make videos. You can read and make drawings. You can help your friends with homework and other things. These are things that you can do at home at the beginning of your time at school.

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What happens when I come home after school? At school you may be bored to death, or you may not know what to do or what to do when you have class. There are some simple things you can do to make school work more interesting and fun. You can make an

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