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It’s not really important that the head is not too big; a good head is also a good character, and a good head needs the right amount of hair. There’s something about being made from the right kind of hair that helps a body’s appearance. For instance in the early days of animation I often’d draw the head too full when trying to get a good head; we needed it to stand up a bit more because we were using CG animatics, where we’d have to have bodies stand up. But now, that’s not really much of a problem.

You’re not creating the body for the head as much; there are only so much parts of a character you can draw.

The head itself is a part of the character, obviously, but the head should be able to fit all of the body parts. And once you begin to add CGs, you quickly run out of them.
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I think the way I approach CG heads is different from others. In general in anime, I’ll usually draw the head just once but then move to do the body and the limbs, and I’ll generally stop there. There are certain areas in some of my CG series where I’ll do some more head and tail development but I won’t take the CG back to my head. There is, in fact, a lot of head and body development in anime. I try to keep the CG head moving and I like to make the CG heads dynamic. Sometimes I’ll do CG development for the body but, by the time I’ve made all the CG, a lot of the head has moved. For instance, if you take a body and place it in a CG animation, it will just sit there there in a corner not really developing much. I often try to make the CG head to have more development than the body. Because it’s only a body!

Does your head always look like what you want it to?

I want it to look like it will be moving. I want it to be moving with all its parts moving. That’s why I draw one piece of the head when moving quickly and another when it’s being relaxed.

I think everyone likes to have a head in a good way.

If, like me, you don’t know what’s going to happen when you do a CG head, you’ve probably just been doing it wrong, which I love. I don’t just do it all the time but I’ll do it on occasion, especially when

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