What is the history of sketching? – Simple Pencil Drawing Ideas

One time a young artist started out by sketching random things and just kept drawing. He drew a woman on the headline of a story on a news wire with her head inside the headline. That was the first really good thing he drew, a young woman’s head inside a news wire, but he had no money for a real illustration, he just had to see what people were doing as the artist. From there he started sketching more, and he was able to draw, I would say, in three to four months, all that he wanted to see. Once he had all the sketches down he decided to start selling them for money. It all goes back to those first sketches… I think every young artist is going to have that. All the little random things you do to try and make money, that will also probably go somewhere – like the old saying goes.

I suppose that in some ways it is the artist who will create the most art. What about those who are successful?
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I suppose that’s the biggest question of them all: what inspires other young artists? A lot of the time the people who create art are the ones who inspire others to draw. Some of them, if you’ll recall, have their own ideas of how to go do art – sometimes those are the ones that just aren’t very good. As good as the people who draw have been, what they haven’t done to be better and better is give others a chance to draw. It has to be that way because people want those kinds of people. It is an art form not for everybody and not for anyone that wants to not do it. It is a way to learn about art.

Which artists inspire you the most? That you’ve sketched yourself, or those you’ve known?

Not a chance. In my opinion, I would say a lot of good cartoonists have been influenced by others. But I am trying to be good at what I do, and I think that my career isn’t influenced by anyone.

Did you ever get any inspiration from the people around you?

In the beginning, a lot of what I wrote was just myself, and some of it was what I saw. It was very dark and depressing, even now. And as you probably know, I’m a horrible person so I have no idea what to say next. When I’m in the middle of making something I am very happy. If you try not to say anything, like on a TV program

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