How do you draw an eye pencil?

A: It’s a pencil with a pointed tip that you can draw on. The bottom edge just looks like a regular line, and the tip on the top is for the eye. It’s super simple.

PJ: That’s a really awesome answer right there! So I’ll leave you with a question for you: would you mind giving me a copy of your book and a question?

How do you draw an ear?

A: You’d probably have to go to a professional artist, who would sketch the shape of an ear in pencil. Or, you could do a quick design on a piece of paper and then get some pictures of it. It’s pretty hard, though. I’ll show you later, okay?

PJ: Wow! Great question, Nick! Let’s see what you found out on your blog!

You asked me a question about how to draw an eye. But you also said something about how to make the look really natural. Which method would you recommend?

A: Try it with a little line of ink and see for yourself. Most of all it helps to see how it looks with only one or two eyes. But the best way is to use the eye as an accent, without changing the overall composition of the drawing—with the same pencil I sketched the eyes on a piece of paper for you.

PJ: Wow, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions. Anything else you’d like to add?

A: I’ll try drawing things like butterflies and flowers more often, if you like. Then maybe just a pencil drawing for you would be cool. It’s something I do a lot.

PJ: Thanks for the interview Nick!

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