What are the 2 types of drawing?

We will describe the 2 types of drawing as either flat drawing or line drawing. If you’re familiar with both types of drawing, the two types of drawing are not necessarily different. The two are only slightly different in the types of materials you will be drawing.

Flat drawing is drawn with the edges pointed out. You might know that if you’re drawing in pencil, and you’re facing along a straight line. This is also referred to as a straight on line.

Line drawing is drew with the edges on the lines. You might know that if you’re drawing in pencil, and you’re drawing at a 45 degree angle, or you’re drawing on a flat surface, the two are not necessarily different.

If you’re familiar with all the drawing disciplines, it is very simple to use both in your drawing. Both flat drawing and line drawing are useful at making the lines look straight; flat drawing helps to make the line a bit curved, while line drawing makes a line into a curve. Line drawing is also used to add a bit of dimension to your drawing.

When drawing something flat in your notebook, think about how far from the edge of the page you are. If you’re drawing in pencil, you’re drawing perpendicular to your lines and your line, so all you have to do for your lines to be flat is draw each line parallel to its other and then draw all lines parallel to it. If you’re facing away from the page, you would want to use flat drawing in your drawing to make every line look identical to it.

However, if you’re drawing lines perpendicular to your lines, the lines would still be drawn perpendicular to each other and therefore also should be drawn flat. Therefore, you must use an arrow to help you see the difference. This is the arrow that is sometimes referred by people as a “spine”. This arrow is usually drawn in the shape of a bow that is drawn along a line as shown below; however, it can be drawn in any shape, such as a cross or a straight line.

In your notebook, your arrows can be a bow or other form of arrow. If your arrows are a bow, draw the bow with your right hand, and then draw your arrows with your left hand. For example, if you have the arrows on left hand and right hand and the arrows are drawn the same way except that the left hand arrows are drawn on the flat and the right hand arrows on a flat surface, with your left hand