How do you draw pencil art? – Duck Colored Pencil Drawing Ideas

Is it like painting, drawing, or what?
How to draw Scenery / Landscape by pencil sketch.Step by ...

I’ve always been a big fan of comics. I like drawing and painting. I still really enjoy drawing comics. If you’re a good comic artist you can get good stuff done. When I was a kid I remember reading old comic books and seeing old people doing stuff that could make me really laugh, or make me cry. So, I really liked drawing and drawing as long as I could do it in an interesting way. Now, I like the process of drawing more than I like painting or drawing. Because you never know where you’re going to end up.

You’ve worked with artists many different styles. How’d you get that?

It’s all about taking the time to get to know people. My first job ever was with some friends of mine who are in the animation industry. When I was a little kid I had some really good friends who were on TV in California and they’d all come to San Francisco and I’d hang out and hang out together and meet up with them and their friends to see what their careers were like. One of the guys I hung out with said to me he wanted me to be his assistant. So, I went down to his work and that’s when I really discovered that I really loved drawing. So, I got an agent, I went out on an actual book tour and just really learned who I wanted to be in this industry and what I wanted to be doing. It’s all about listening and learning and taking the time to really understand people and get to know them and get to know who they are and what their passion and what they think is really cool about it and go from there.

I’m a big fan of art that makes me go wow. How did you get the idea for The Wrenchman?

I’m trying to think of the exact quote. It’s something that I’ve always really liked it’s a pretty old-fashioned story and you do something that’s sort of very simple and you keep on going with that. In this case it’s actually a little more complicated and it’s a little bit of a weird story in every sense of the word. A little bit more complicated than the typical “go get an oil painting” kind of thing. It’s a strange place to go. I mean I’m drawn to stories and strange places. Weird stuff, where the characters or places are really odd, and people are like them. They don’t really fit into the normal world

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