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A beginner might not be aware that there is a difference between basic and basic drawing techniques. It is a common misconception that basic drawing consists of drawing a circle or rectangular shape and that doing simple, repetitive drawing is all drawing. But that is not the process required for teaching basic drawing techniques.

A beginner does not have to start with the simple circle drawing technique. If one can understand what is essential, it will help increase your skill in basic drawing.

What is basic drawing?

Basic drawing is drawing from a line and a perspective – you only have to focus on what a person is seeing and it will start making sense. The difference is that basic drawing is not about drawing a circle, it is about drawing the shape you are looking at with basic drawing.

For more advanced beginners, their practice of basic drawing depends on what they are seeing in their surroundings (such as objects, the environment, people, cars, people, or anything else).

The simple circle drawing technique is not only about drawing and creating something, it is about finding what the person sees and creating a shape to represent it.

The basics of basic drawing techniques are the following simple shapes:

Squares, rectangles etc.




Rounded triangles
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If the object is seen with the basic shapes, the person is going to be thinking about it and the shapes will become more defined.


The person is looking at a picture of a woman in a restaurant and it looks like there is some type of a woman or something, her clothing is also in the picture, so she is focusing on what she expects the people to be looking at. When she sees a person she sees that person, in the picture of the restaurant she is focused on that person. You will know when you become good with basic drawing that it will help develop the way you interpret your surroundings and the way you express yourself.

Examples for beginners with circles and rectangles:

Example for beginners with rectangles:

Example for beginners with circles:

Example for beginners with ellipses :

Example for beginners with rectangles:

Example for beginners with circles:

Example of how to create lines to use as shapes to start the basic drawing:

You can find more information on drawing technique, or in particular basic drawing, at here.

Basic drawing in the context of design


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