How do you draw pencil art? – Pencil Drawing Ideas With Shading Lines Drawing

When I first started drawing, I knew I was a professional (that’s why I’m writing this in the first place!) but I still struggled drawing a pencil line, I guess because of the way I used my hands and I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted my pen to do.

But once I got my first full-time job and got better equipment (and a computer with Photoshop), I started feeling like I could actually do professional level work.

Drawing is pretty much all trial and error. You start out with whatever piece of paper you’re working on and start with the closest reference you can.

It’s a matter of practice and experimenting before you try anything new or different. Sometimes you’ll feel like you can’t see what you’re doing, and you’ll take a step and throw your pencil. But that can actually be another step towards understanding more about how the paper is laid out, and how it works in space.

How do you keep your work sharp and in good condition?

The first thing I try to do is test the paper, as much I can. What works for me might not work for someone else. For instance if I’m trying to put a big black line on a page of black, the lines will look distorted and uneven. Try the different shades of the paper and see what works for you. Then I’ll try different things (such as shading or painting over the lines to make them look straight) to see what works and if it looks odd I might experiment with something else.

I also keep an extra ruler or ruler and pencil handy. I’ll draw around 1 line. Then I’ll draw another line that is 1/2 the size of the other line. Then I’ll use the ruler and make sure both lines line up. When I reach the end of the line I’ll draw a thin line and draw the last line. When I’m finished I’ll cut the paper in half and use that one to see how much separation there is.

What was drawing this all for?

For me it’s more about the experience and a way to connect with the art, rather than any specific end result. I’d never been into drawing until I started doing this, and there really isn’t much else that I can draw to practice and understand. It’s almost like a social life tool… but in a completely different way.

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