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It seems pretty obvious, but this is often more difficult than we realize!

As an illustrator, I was never a great fan of having eyes that didn’t line up. Some of my earlier drawings of my friends, for example, had a bit of a loose outline!

This is one of those rare situations, where the lines that make up the eyes are almost the same but don’t line up.

Here’s what I had for reference:

This is actually a great reference. If your friend, family member, or teacher is making their own artwork, it’s a great indicator of what shape or shape-fitting eye you most want to draw.

Now, let’s make an eye

Next, I started creating a shape for the eye. I started with a pencil as a template, and traced a sketch of my friend’s eye. I followed the same instructions I have discussed earlier, and then I put on my best expression. Using my eyes, I drew in the curves in different colors:

After the initial “marching up and down” stroke, I started the process of adding more of the “slender eye”. This was super simple, because I just placed one of my hands against some foam-padded foam on my desk.

The goal was to keep this shape until I started drawing in the details. There really isn’t many details that need to happen, so all you really need is a good base, and a pencil.

After drawing in the most visible lines for around 5-7 seconds, I placed my pencil against a surface I was comfortable touching. I would then move the pencil up, down, left, or right. Then I would pick up on subtle, non-visible details that would need to be filled in.

Once I had the shape of the eye, I started to sketch in the eyes. I could feel the eye being drawn in by the outline of the eye, which was drawn by pencil. This was so simple that I didn’t have to worry about drawing any outlines of the eyes — these were just in the outline of my hands, so I just wanted to stay as close to my friend’s eye as possible. I would then make some more outlines of smaller details that needed to happen. This was done by moving away from the outline of the pencil to fill a few more shapes — just like I did with the sketch of the eye.

After this, I continued to draw in more details. Using

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