Is a mechanical pencil a #2 pencil? – Flowers Drawing Pictures Pencil Easy

I’d love to be right! — Paul Lukaszewski (@PLukaszewski) December 4, 2013

I’d like the #2 pencil used in an ink pen instead of in a pencil. — Johnathan Lintner (@JohnathanLintner) December 4, 2013

The #2 pencil is like a regular pencil, just not as cool. — Mark Krames (@mark_rames) December 4, 2013

As for a #1 pencil? I love the first pencils for handwriting. But no, a #1 pencil makes too much sense. — Jeff Maresca (@JeffMaresca) December 4, 2013

#1 pencils are fun for writing. But they don’t work as well. Unless you’re using them for drawing. — Jason Snell (@jason_snell) December 4, 2013

The first one is fine for writing, especially the little one. #1’s are great for drawing tho. — John Matherton (@MathertonJobs) December 4, 2013

If I could sum up the entire “new” Marvel film, it would be this. It is the culmination, the ultimate culmination, of every previous Marvel movie. It is the most coherent, enjoyable and emotional film that they have ever made. I don’t care that it does not live up to the brilliance of Iron Man and Thor. It is, as they rightly argue, a Marvel movie.

And this is why it is so disappointing that the Avengers just don’t “feel” like an Avengers movie. Sure, most of the story beats and the main cast are familiar – like Thor, Hulk and the other characters. They may be new to Marvel audiences, or audiences like me who loved the movies and liked them quite a lot. But they are also familiar to audiences of the 1980s and even later.

There are a ton of things I love about this film. I really do. Its character designs and visual effects are just terrific. I loved the way it was done for the original movies, but I really dig what I see here. I love that it is more grounded this time around. I don’t care that all of this happens, because it seems to be a more grounded movie. It is about people who love each other. Its heroes are people with quirks and foibles and strengths (including Bruce Banner).

Gabriel Announcing The Birth Of Jesus Drawing by War Is ...
But it’s about the family.

The Avengers – I guess, to me, is

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