Is a mechanical pencil a #2 pencil?

A #1 pencil? How about a #4 pencil? We decided that we should test them out.

Since our new #4 pencil can reach to 1 inch on the outside of the pencil, we were thinking that a 2-in-place (one pencil) would be just the right thing for this test. So, we created an experiment:

1. Cut a piece of paper at 1-inch or 2-in from the end of the pencil

2. Insert the pencil in the center of the paper.

3. Take the paper and write or draw on the end of the pencil. Make it larger or smaller than the diameter of the pencil.

A. 1 in.

B. 2 in.

C. 3 in.

D. 4 in.

E. 5 in.

F. 6 in.

G. 7 in.

H. 8 in.

I. 9 in.

J. 10 in.

K. 11 in.

L. 12 in.

For the test

a. 1.5 in.

b. 2.75 in.

c. 3.25 in.

d. 3.75 in.

e. 4.25 in.

f. 4.75 in.

g. 5.25 in.

h. 5.75 in.

i. 6 in.

j. 7 in.

k. 8 in.

L. 9 in.

M. 10 in.

N. 10.75 in.

O. 11.25 in.

P. 11.75 in.

Q. 12 in.

R. 13 in.

S. 13.25 in.

T. 14 in.

U. 15 in.

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