What are the 2 types of drawing?

The drawing on the mat is the most common type of drawing. The surface that is shown in your work can be described as flat, curved, sharp, smooth, or dirty.

The other style, which you should use while drawing, is the drawing on the paper. It is a combination of the 2 styles.

Why should I avoid drawing the paper ?

Not drawing the paper will result in a mess which I cannot clean up. It will also ruin our drawing and makes it feel worse than the mat.

What are the drawbacks of drawing with a pen and paper?

Pencil and paper is one of the most expensive and most unreliable tools. Its price per page is too high and it is very hard to adjust the angle of the lines depending on the position of the object on the page.

Another disadvantage is that it can make your work look messy, as you are not drawing with the best control.

What should I expect from a drawing with the pen and paper ?

A fine drawing will not look very interesting if your work is not clean. The drawing on the paper will make your work look messy and unnatural, which means that the drawing will get you less attention and will therefore not look worth its cost.

An artistic drawing on the paper will be much more interesting, because you will be taking into account the position of all the objects in your drawing.

I should use an angled line on the paper ?

If you want to draw with a tilted line then you have to choose another paper, because you must be in a certain position (a right angle).

I should use a line with a wide stroke ?

This is more convenient because in most cases you will use a line or brush for a larger area. It is also fast because you have to draw with very small strokes or only with lines.

I should use the brush on a flat surface ?

Your brush should be curved. Your brush will give you much greater control and is much nicer on paper. Since you will be using a flat surface, it will give you more flexibility when making the drawing.

What should I do if the line doesn’t look right ?

If there is a long piece of the paper and you want to draw a figure it will make a mess if your lines are too wide. Just take your ink and wipe off your lines carefully.

What should I do if the pencil is dull ?

Just take