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The average reader of the internet will have no clue what a medium is. I have done a lot of thinking about it recently, and now I can understand it. To put it bluntly, a medium is a set of rules and conventions that make it possible to express ideas. The reason it’s appropriate for literature and movies is not because of their creative value but because they’ve been shaped by the world (and therefore the people) around them. It is not surprising that a work like “Hamlet” can also be adapted to a more contemporary audience than what a playwright like Henry James had envisioned.

If this sounds like a lot on-the-nose, you’d be wrong. Writing about a medium is not only a huge, complex process to accomplish, but it comes with a heavy price tag with the most important one being cost.

According to Michael Bierut, writing a book is similar as “writing a speech in a classroom”. A teacher might set up some rules, such as “every page is one line, with a marker at the start”, but there is no guarantee the student will follow his rules, or will have a very productive work day. Similarly, if writers want to write “Hamlet” by the same rules as they follow in a classroom, they would have to write an entire novel in the same way; they would have to re-create the world of Shakespeare completely. With a book, this is simply not allowed.

The key to understanding why “Hamlet” (or any novel) is “hard” to write is about what the work is about. Every writer of literature knows that his or her work has to be told in a compelling way, and it has to be worth its weight in gold. You have to tell a story using only your imagination. You have to invent a lot in order to tell it, and your imagination cannot do the job without a solid framework.

There are many different kinds of mediums that could help solve the problem of writing “Hamlet” in Shakespearean fashion.


The audiobook is one of the oldest of these mediums, but there are new developments on the horizon. Audible, a company that focuses on creating audiobooks and audio books, introduced a new format that makes it easy to produce your own books and podcasts. For instance, for the project “Hamlet”, they did three chapters where the dialogue was not in English, to give people time to learn the

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