What does HB mean on a pencil? – Pencil Drawings Step By Step

It means that the paper is marked “C” in Kerning Mode (i.e. “KJ”) [1.3.1, 5.2, 7.2].

A Kerning Point is an important part in the Kerning System because they affect how a Kerning Point interacts with another Kerning Point, which can affect how a Kerning Point interacts with any other Kerning Point.

C and the Kerning System

Let’s consider a pencil with four edges:
Alvin Draft/Matic Pencil - BLICK art materials

Edge #1 (KC-1)

Edge #2 (KJ-1)

Edge #3 (KJ-2)

Edge #4 (KR-1)

To understand how you can write on all of them all the time, we need to see the different Kerning Systems on each point.

Kerning Point 1 – “KJ” and “C”

You can write the Kerning Points on all of the other edges, but the best choice is to put Kerning Point #1 on a Kerning Point “C” and keep the other points with Kerning Point #2 or the Kerning Point #3 on one of the edges.

The Kerning System for the Kerning Point “C” is: “KJ”.

Kerning Point #2 – “KJ,C”

This is a Kerning Point “KJ” and then you need to add “C” to both edges.

Kerning Point #3 – “KJ,KM”

Here’s a Kerning Point “KJ,KM” again.

Kerning Point #4 – “KJ,KC,KM”

This Kerning Point is a Kerning Point “KR” and then the Kerning Point “C” is added to the edges.

Why do you need a Kerning Point on the “C” point?

If you are an illustrator, you’ll use the “C” as a Kerning Point. When you use Kerning Point “C” to write, you have to have a Kerning Point. So if you are going to make a Kerning Path for your Kerning Path, have a Kerning Point on a “C” Kerning Point.

It is recommended that you use the Kerning Point on “C” Kerning Points, as some people have pointed out the “C” K

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