Is pencil a medium?

Yes it is. A pencil is not a medium when it is used in a book. A page of a novel is a medium. I’ve never thought of a page as a medium. The reader could use a page and write at the same time. It was the same with the pencil and then the pencil was the medium.

The most popular medium for writers these days will be print, so, not going to talk about it because I see few readers. The next most popular medium for writers will be digital. It’s the way some people write. It is also more complex.

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So you’re not the only person who thinks it’s wrong to use a medium other than writing to tell a story. Why are there no mediums for writing? For illustration? For visual novels? For stories based on video games? There are no mediums that you could write stories about that would have meaning. And it would be wrong.

I don’t want you to be sad. But you need to ask yourself, why? What does the story mean, exactly? Why don’t you choose to use a different medium? For writing? For illustrating? For video games? Or for anything? Why not?

It’s called the medium question. It has no other meaning.

Here are some of the reasons I like using an existing medium:

1. You have to change the rules

Some people find writing a novel difficult. But why should writing a book be any different? You’re taking on a very big task. You should have an idea of what you want to write in the back of your mind before tackling the task. There are no right and wrong, so just go through the steps, make them look good, and figure out which ones work.

2. You get better

Most people who read anything learn more when they do it themselves and make mistakes. By making a mistake, you learn a lot and it will show in other things you do. Just like how people who learn something from making mistakes learn more from making mistakes in writing.

3. You find out what works and what doesn’t.

If you write, you’ll have to try lots of different things to get the tone right. If you try and discover why your writing doesn’t work, you’ll realize that a lot of what works and what doesn’t isn’t necessary.

4. You get a deeper understanding of what you want to write

When you write you’re not