What can you draw when your bored?

A few random images will do the trick. If you’re looking for real art, you can turn to the internet.

9. Make art out of trash

If you want to show off your artistic skills but still don’t have any inspiration, you can take your garbage out to the beach, park, or parkland. Then, paint and call it art!

10. Make artwork with old newspapers

Paper can be a huge source of inspiration. Take a few photos of your favorite newspaper, put them together in one big image, and you’ll have a great piece to showcase your talents.

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11. Try to draw a portrait with a dog

Can you think of many situations when a dog would draw a portrait of you? We think you can. If only I could turn these memories into a work of art!

12. Make a little piece of art out of trash

If you want to make some art when you’re really bored, put those old newspapers you took out for pictures in that old box of drawers you’ve been storing your paper in. Then, take a few shots with a camera just to get a feel for how you can make art.

13. Make a sketch of your cat out of garbage


14. Make a watercolor painting out of garbage

Okay, so maybe that’s not the best idea. But, if you want to make your garbage art into your art, then make it a watercolor painting!

15. Use crayons as paint!

Now, do you understand the art part? A bunch of crayons are more than enough to start.

16. Paint out of trash paper

This is probably a bit gross! But, just make something out of paper. We’d rather do that than waste any more paper that way.

17. Paint using a paintbrush!

Now this is the part we would never do! It’s a waste of more paint to use a paintbrush than actually use the paint!

18. Make an art out of the litter box

What do you think would happen if you put a bunch of old garbage out in front of a bunch of empty litter boxes? What if you made an art out of old trash that you would never have had to put in anything?

19. Make a watercolor drawing using old newspaper

Okay, fine, maybe not this time. But how about