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What do you do with that number 1 pencil? What should I tell the kids at the gym? How do you deal with those who have their hands on it? Will we ever find out what the hell is going on with these numbers in our lives? If so, when can we expect to find out? What happens when that number is not there, and we wonder how and why? All that and more we explore in this week’s episode of In This Better World With Brain.

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About the Authors

Tom Kincaid – Founder & Co-Owner of, and author of The Art of Natural Stimulants: 10 Steps to a New Brain Chemistry, 2x Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine. Tom has spent 10 years with his son, Alex, in NYC and Los Angeles. They live in an amazing house, share the garden, and get up to three hours of sleep per night. In addition to their blog, they’re passionate about helping families, friends and clients build their optimal mental and physical health. More about them at

Dr. Joseph Mercola – Author, and founder of The Mercola Minute. Dr. Mercola’s mission is to “change the world through health.” In pursuit of that goal, Dr. Mercola works to develop and implement programs that help people transform their health. He is well known for his blog, which he co-hosts each and every week with Chris Kresser. Dr. Mercola is also the founder of a company, The Center for Integrative Oncology (TCIO), which provides the products for the TCIO website. In addition to his podcast, Dr. Mercola is featured on CNN, BBC, The Today Show, and numerous other news and entertainment outlets. More details on his program can be found at

Cameron Kempton – Co-founder and Co-editor of Brain Pickings, editor of The Science of Self-Development, and author of The New Evolutionist: The Psychology and Politics of Creativity.

In This Better World The Brain podcast is a podcast featuring neuroendocrinologist Dr. Thomas Insel and neuroscientist Dan Gilbert.

Episode 8 – The Importance of Numbers

Dr. Insel is the president of the National Academy of Sciences, has received the Nobel Prize in

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