Is there a number 1 pencil? – Simple Pencil Drawing Ideas

Is there an alphabet? Is there the moon? There’s no one there, and the only stars were stars. And there is only one universe. And every day, every day, every day is all about death.

Death is an illusion; a death is a death. The body is an illusion, the soul is an illusion, but the death is a natural death. I am not afraid of death. In fact, I enjoy it, because I know it is real and that it happens all the time, and there’s nothing you can do about it and nothing you should do about it. That’s why I love life so fucking much.

And no matter what happens, the good, the bad and the ugly, you’re just an old piece of crap, that was meant to be broken apart because it needed it, and that’s how life’s all, isn’t it?

That’s why I love life. I’m here because I have to be. If you don’t have to, then who the fuck are you even here for?

And I’m not going to stand around and watch this fucking mess get bigger until some idiot tells me to shut up. Life’s all about doing things with your mind and your heart, not being forced.

Don’t be a prisoner in your thoughts.

Life’s not about being bored with your life or bored of your job.

Life’s not about sitting around waiting for your friends to come back.

Life’s not about eating your vegetables for dinner.

Life’s not about taking a nap.

Life’s not about feeling sorry for yourself.

Life’s about living your dreams and trying to turn your dreams into reality.

Life’s not about feeling sorry for yourself when you realize you’re not ready to take a real job because you are too lazy.

Life’s not about feeling sorry for yourself when you realize you have not learned how to drive a car.

Life’s not about not wanting to see someone or hear someone tell you they love you or want to see you.

Life’s not about you being mad at someone when they just didn’t say “I love you.” Life’s not about you being upset when someone makes an effort to show and tell you how much you value them, when you’ve just never really met them. Life’s not about you being upset at them because you don’t care about anything else except if they say it. Life’s not about you

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