Is there a number 1 pencil? – Drawing Pictures

What about a number 2 pencil?

And what will be the result of this process?

A pencil that is the best and only pencil I have ever drawn?

Or a pencil that is just a pencil?

Is there a better pencil out there? And why would I ever want to use anything else?

I know what you’re going to say.

Well, let’s ask the question again.

What is the answer?

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A Daedra Lord’s Resolve
A Landscape With Pencil | Pencil Art | Paintlane - YouTube

Resolve gives your daedra the motivation to fight back. Resolve also enables the daedra or Oblivion Gate itself to be destroyed, and thus makes the experience of killing them rewarding.

Merely killing a daedra is a reward in itself, but it can be quite different from an enemy’s victory over the player:

After killing a daedra, your daedra’s armor and weapons degrade. They will start in full health and no longer regenerate. As well, they will still use magic in their attacks, instead of using the regular magic attacks. In addition, they will continue to use Destruction spells as well. Any shouts cast on them will remain active as long as their armor and weapons are still in use; any other magicka effects will end immediately with the armor being discarded.

When a daedra dies, its soul fragment may also be released. This does not appear to effect the daedra or Oblivion Gate itself, but instead removes the power the Oblivion Gate has to spawn.

Resolute Daedra [ edit ]

Daedra are always Resolute and always resolute against daedra. When you kill something, it will attack you at once, just as though you killed it. If you kill anything that can be Resolute, it will be Resolute.

Resolute Daedra are all of these:

Resolute Daedra can be used for crafting a Resolute Daedra.

Resolute Daedra have their own inventory in the game, and you will find them near the end of the game where some have been killed by the endgame bosses.

Resolute Daedra do not spawn naturally and you must kill them all.

Resolute Daedra can be killed for their Souls, and will have two versions:

A Resolute Daedra has

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