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Drawing a circle, or drawing the curve of a circle? The difference between the 2 is that the line drawn using the circle is round and the line drawn using the circle curves in or around it. The difference between a circle and a curve is that a circle does NOT curve around a point.

Draw a circle with the point at 0 degree. Draw a curve at the point at 90 degree with the direction of the curve.

Draw a curve using the curve that follows the line from the origin to the circle’s center.

Drawing Lines:

Drawing lines is more complicated then simply drawing straight lines, but it has advantages and disadvantages as well. First, lines draw a different look, as well as the way people may picture characters or images. People have different visual concepts relating to lines, characters (sometimes even the same person) and colors, so it’s important to learn the visual differences.

There are only 2 basic ways to draw lines, both using “straight lines”:

Using straight lines that go in one direction (like an “T” on a computer monitor). Using curve to make a smooth “T” shape.

The following diagram shows these, along with some tips:

Using Curve:

There are 3 basic ways to draw curves; using straight lines, curves and using curve. You cannot draw any type of curves that are not straight lines, curves or straight lines!

The first curve is called the “straight line”. This is a path that takes you from one end to the other in a straight route (or sometimes, a curve). This is easy to write out and easy to remember.

To draw a straight line with a straight line you start out with the tip of your finger at the 0 degree mark. Then you place it in the first line on the graph. Then you take the tip of your finger and continue drawing the line to the first line.

To draw a curved line you follow a curve, starting with the bottom of your middle finger and moving to the tip of your pinky. Then you take the right edge of the curve and draw the line with the tip of your pinky. After you finish, look up at the graph and see if the line is straight. If it is, it means that you are following a curved line!

The last two types of curves include “curved ” and “uncurved” (or also called curved paths). If you want people to make sense of

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