What are the 3 types of pencil? – Colour Pencil Drawing Tutorial In Tamil

Pens – These are really the pencil that you’re using. You’re going to be drawing with this pen at least for the next couple of weeks. Your pencil is the most basic tool in your kit. Your tool of choice, and the one that will be used the least often.

Sketches – I use this one from time to time too. I find it better to move slowly and sketch out your ideas. You’ll have tons of ideas that you can do with the Sketch.

Outlines – I like to write on sketch sheets. Once you’ve picked your tool and used it in sketching the best way to get them all in your notebook. If you do this, you’ll get a notebook that you’ll be happy to keep. This also helps get the ideas out of your head while you’re penciling. A notebook that you will use again and again.

What do you do with the finished piece that you’ve sketched?

This is a tough question. Many people get too caught up in their work and let the work get to them. It’s really hard to let your work go to waste when you have so much to think about later.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not my preferred way of doing things. Sometimes I just let my ideas sit on their own but other times I get lazy with them. I just try to get them out of my head as soon as possible. I don’t make notes of what my process is. When I’m done, I’ll look at the drawing again, take stock and then move on.

What about your tools? Do you use anything you bought on Amazon or other sources or are you going to keep buying them until they’re gone?

Yeah this really depends on where you’re at right now. My pens are still on Amazon but not much else is going on with them. I bought a few things on eBay and am just using those and buying the stuff I like from the Internet for the time being.

I’m not sure how I’m going to make use of my Sketch in the future. Right now it’s really useful for my journaling style. I’ll be using it more for reference later.

What’s the best part about doing this in your journal?

It’s the fact that you will never see your pen in your notebook!

I’ve been using that for so long now and it’s still always there with me.

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