What is a pencil made of? – Black And White Pencil Drawings Nature Scenery Fields

A pencil is a metal tool, a very thin, pointed metal piece, that can be made of two materials: copper or gold. It has a hollow shaft that attaches to one of the ends of a string, which is attached to the handle that attaches the pencil to the pencil eraser or eraser tip. In the drawing below, I used the pencils from the set as test illustrations. The copper pencils are marked, as shown. The gold pencils are unmarked and in good condition. The copper pencils in all three cases are marked, as you can see in the photo. As you go down the list here is what each pencil in the set is made of and whether or not it is unmarked. Copper

Gold Silver Black

Silver White


Gold Silver White


Gold All Three

The next group of pencils is of one of the metals discussed above: gold, silver and black. Each of the pencils has a “crown jewel” which is the tip; at the end of the string that attaches the pencil to the eraser or tip. The gold pencils all mark as well. The silver pencils all mark. This list of marks can be misleading, however, because some of the pencils have a little bit of gold in them and others have no markings at all. Below you can see how each of the pencils in the set mark. Again, it is better to make sure that you purchase the pencils that you intend to use in your sketches and then to refer to the chart below for the markings on the pencils. Copper

Black Silver Silver Black Silver Silver Copper

Black Gold Silver Silver Black Silver

Sterling Silver Brown Silver



Gold Silver Silver White


Gold All Three Black




Carry-on This is what the different parts are marked when each pencil in the set is in an unmarked condition: Copper

Silver Gold

Silver Black

Gold Silver Black Silver Black Gold Silver Silver All Three Gold Silver Silver White Silver

Copper It is also recommended to read the next section of this table: Where to buy silver/gold pencils If you are buying silver pencils these are the places you can find them (as opposed to colored pencils which are in most stores, but not a lot of them actually). Many people

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