What are the five basic skills of drawing? – Pencil Drawing Images

These skills take years of hard work to learn and build upon. In each case you have to apply your knowledge of the subject. Learning a new technique, skill or procedure will be much less effective if you do not have the experience needed to apply it in the first place or if you have to rely on other people’s ideas.

Here are some of the basics that are required when drawing:

• Fine motor control

• Control of colours and edges

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• Drawing straight lines

• Making sense of perspective drawings

• Reading the page and looking at the drawing when working from memory

Before you start drawing with pencil, eraser or any other method of drawing, there are many things you will need and what you do will depend on how you do. If you have never done this before, it may take you a while. When you are well-known as a drawing instructor, you may go out and draw a lot but unless you are a professional illustrator, it may be a long time before you can draw anything that doesn’t look like a child.

For beginners, the things to keep in mind are:

Find a place you can study easily. Take a nap at the end of summer, before you go on your summer holiday. Do not forget to bring a pen, pencil, eraser, measuring tape (if you have one) and anything else that you might need in a hurry that may interfere with the drawing process. It is also beneficial to draw something that you can draw using your eyes. If you cannot see straight away, take a book and write on it that you will draw what you see. Find other students, work out their names and times; if nothing has been done so far, tell them you are drawing while you are also drawing, even though you will not be able to see them when they come around. You can try to find some books in which you can copy an image (see here – drawing using pen). You must have the capacity to think clearly and draw lines that give the impression of solid, logical forms.

How to learn to draw using pen?

For beginners, all you need to do is to think of some image(s) that you wish to draw. Draw a sketch of it in pencil if possible. Draw a line down the middle (with the left hand) of the image. Do this in different places at a different speed to make sure you make the correct impression so that you will be able to

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