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In any case, they are pretty handy tools. You can draw on pencils, you can doodle on pencils, you can paint on pencils, even your most basic things like drawing on paper with your hands. You can draw on any kind of paper and any kind of material, including on charcoal, waxes, or even dry erase markers and chalk. They are very easy to use. In fact, with practice, we do not even have the art to speak of.

How did you get into drawing, and what sparked your creativity?

My father was a painter and illustrator and my mom has always liked art. Both my parents are artists and they are very talented. My father was a painter and an illustrator and so was my mother, but I was drawn by the drawings, because I couldn’t draw, I couldn’t draw anything real. And this kind of thing has always been a big influence on me. I remember in middle school, I asked my mom to turn the pages on my book and so that was a form of drawing because all the drawings I had drawn had been done by other children or by parents. And it just seemed to be this really cool thing to have.

And then in sixth grade, my father and I started to make a career out of it. He went to art school at Stanford and I went to the Pratt Institute, which is the art school. They told us that we would be paid for drawing, but then they would let us use the art supplies for the rest of the semester. So, we made a pretty good living in that time.
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Then I started drawing a lot more. I drew on pencils, I went to art college, I got a degree in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute. It was an amazing experience and really gave me the confidence to go out on my own and do my own drawings.

What kind of artist are you?

I have a kind of art director’s eye when I draw. I get the idea from the pictures and the way the artist is drawing, how they want to have the object be in their mind’s eye, what they want, what they draw, how they want the object to look. With that, I get ideas like, if this is a ball, if this is a hand, if this is a face, and for me, what they draw is just very, very, very important. I think I am more like a painter. I prefer to

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