What are the types of sketching?

For these types of sketches, make sure you have some kind of medium that is both portable and sturdy.

A solid pencil (no paint, no eraser, no pencil case, no eraser) is ideal and works well for sketching your favorite character or object with a clean and distinct line.

For a better result you can also use a marker, water color or pen-and-ink pen. You can also try writing with chalk, pen, or a pencil.

If watercolor or a pencil are not an option, try to use white pen on smooth, flat paper.

If you are using a notebook, make sure the pen holder fits well.

How can I make a better sketch?

One important thing to observe is that the colors used in sketching and drawing do not necessarily apply to the colors used on real objects, therefore, they are very limited in their ability to show up on a 3D-printed object.

If you don’t have a color scheme like you do with art, try combining different kinds of drawing mediums to combine the color palette in different ways, using different colors and tones.

You can also try different types of paper, pen, and pencil materials depending on your experience and preferences and choose a material that will work for you.

Are there any guidelines or tips for sketching with a pen, or any tips for sketching with markers?

The first piece of advice is the obvious one. Draw carefully and slowly — you will be surprised at how much progress you can make during your first sketches.

A lot of people ask me about how to do it better, and while that really depends on you and what you are interested in, many people are able to draw accurately and fast with a stylus.

So, if you want to learn how to draw very efficiently with a stylus, look at some of the free tutorials on Youtube.

This tutorial is an excellent example how you can draw the head of a character in just a few drawings.

Or you can try this tutorial (in French if you want).

Draw your favorite cartoon character with pencil sketch by Palash321
If you want to learn how to draw from a 3D object, you can watch this tutorial (in French if you want)

Are there any other tips for drawing using markers?

For the first sketches, especially for the first sketch of a character, use markers with a pen-and-ink pen.

If you feel that