How do you draw pencil art?

I use my left hand with a marker – I’m a huge fan of the pencil sketch, but if I was to use a pen I’d probably use a pen that’s a bit larger for some reason, which I find pretty handy.

“I draw what I feel I should get”

What do you like to draw?

It’s pretty hard to pick a single thing to draw about. A lot of people might want to pick something they’re a fan of. I’d say I draw what I feel I should get. It’s definitely something I focus on in my work and it’s certainly a theme of the character design. My favorite drawing was the one I made for the book, which was a character model for my own work which I use a lot for my own games. That one was definitely a special little thing.

The first thing I started out drawing, I would try to have in mind my own design. If I had just come up with a character idea it probably would have gone through the same process as anything else that I made, that’s the way you get a lot of good ideas in this hobby. You start with a few things that you want to do and you go from there. But I’m really interested in trying my hand at something from scratch sometimes and I see some cool characters, which is great, but it doesn’t really get me in the mood to draw. For The Last Guardian I had a sketchbook with a few ideas in it. It kind of started off as a collection of designs that I liked and decided to play around with some. It kind of evolved into a very abstract artwork of characters that I think really shows a lot of potential.

What influences do you draw from?

I love to draw characters. Not necessarily from a character perspective but character-wise. I’d probably start off drawing like that in life too but there’s also some really cool visual stories in video games and movies that I love to watch or hear. It goes from there.

“It’s interesting to see how someone might interpret a character”

What can you tell us about your work?

I’m very much invested in characters, I have a lot of really amazing characters to draw. The character designs for The Last Guardian were kind of based on those. As I started designing for the game I started thinking about what makes a character interesting and different from other ones. That really turned into a design process of sorts. If people look at