What are the types of sketching?

Some of the questions asked to draw will be related to sketching. For example, if you draw a picture of a building, people expect you to illustrate the design principles of the building, the colors and the overall proportions. But this will never be the focus or the only part of the sketch.

This will also include questions related to lighting, textures, the overall shape of the drawing, the composition, the scale, details, and many little details related to that. Most of the drawing questions are fairly simple, as you only have one drawing to start with.

Do you have anything to add in any particular areas?

One area that I would recommend you sketch is in the background if possible. This would require you to get a good picture of what the background is like, which can often lead to something a little confusing if you have not had any experience with it. If you feel that you have an idea about what you want the background to be like, then please send it my way through the submission sheet. I would also recommend you use this area when you want to make a rough idea of how the story will follow the drawing.

What are your drawing style guidelines?

Although it is very difficult to make a clear statement, my guidelines include an emphasis on the simplicity of the drawing, the attention to detail, and the overall mood of the drawing.

These guidelines can be applied by myself or by an illustrator, but for the general public, I just want to know what I am trying to achieve visually. If you think I don’t have any particular style guidelines, feel free to send them over.

How long will one of your pictures take to complete?

I have received a lot of questions about the drawing speed (i.e. “How quickly can you work through a drawing?”). The answer seems to be that it is very difficult to answer this question in a specific way. This is a very personal thing — I am only capable of writing a small number on the subject — but the best I can do is state that I think a good illustration or a short story would probably take 10-15 minutes.

The truth is, I think you do get better with practice, as it takes some experience to draw at a speed you think will be enjoyable for the reader. You definitely can’t get to a certain level that you can just draw the exact same thing every time. But for the most part, it doesn’t matter if you are a