What is difference between sketching and drawing?

“Both sketches and drawings have a subject matter and a format. A drawing is an artist’s creation of a sketch. A sketch is what a painter creates. A drawing is a model of a model. The medium of drawing is more open. A sketch, on paper, has the same object, the same form, the same direction as is in a painting and the same subject as is in a painting. Sketching is a way to experiment with form, the shape and the line.”

Why is it so difficult to draw well?

“The nature of drawing is to be creative. You must find a medium that allows you to express yourself to the best of your ability because if you don’t find that medium, you are never going to find your art.”

Why is drawing not considered a scientific study?

“It is actually very easy to tell how artists work and how they paint. There are not many methods that are scientific on why artists do something. In fact, the only thing scientists need to be able to learn is the way artists work, especially drawing. That is pretty much it. I am pretty sure that there is nothing that is more fundamental than finding a way to make something come to you. When you discover it, try to do it. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s your fault. Don’t worry. It might not look like much to you but to the artist that it is.”

What kind of art is drawn?

“My father, who died in 2008, taught me that you must draw the greatest artists with the greatest skills.” In school, students would sit with books and pencils and they would say the following: “The best way to learn an art form is by drawing.” In drawing, you can show how things move in the body, or in a body. How are legs, feet, hands and eyes held, how do noses move, how do eyes look at you? You can show how they move and what do they do. You can do that too, with pencils and paper.”

How long do you work on and how long for the best?

“Sometimes, two weeks is not enough. I will go over one, two or three pictures before I will sit down on a drawing board to finish it. The best when done properly takes about four or five hours.”

Are you good at drawing?

“I can draw pretty good and in fact you must draw at least one picture