What can you draw when your bored? – Colour Pencil Drawing Images Of Nature

We can think of a whole lot. We think of the way the world works – where it’s been, where it’s going. Where the world is heading. We think of the way it works in the movies – the way they make the movie, and the way they sell the movie. We think about the best ways to get people to the movies. And we think of the things we don’t like in the movies.

So you think of everything that’s being made or said in the movie that you don’t want to see. We put together a playlist and we ask people to draw some characters, and some objects. The rules are that if you can draw something in there, you can draw a character. And if you can’t, you can’t. But you can choose anything from the list and draw whatever you want.

But what we like about the list is that you get to decide what they like or don’t like. You can say, “They’re just not liking this.” Or “They’re still seeing it and saying it didn’t really work for them,” or “Everything they just did or said that didn’t work, they want to throw away, they don’t like.” There is nothing you don’t get to choose.

That’s the other thing: we can put in a song. If they like it, we’ll put in a track. If not, we’ll put in a song you wrote. Just something you thought would be interesting. And then we will come back and post it on their channel. The same with TV shows. If you like the show, send it to our channel, we’ll post it.

[Ed. note: As you know, we are huge TV fans.]
Love the little doodles in the picture. Fun! | Coloring ...

A lot of fans were disappointed in Arrow Season 3 when it was cancelled and it was just a four-episode order. What happened?

The answer to that is we are not a business at heart, so we can’t make that decision, to cancel a show and just move on. People get mad for a while. That’s one thing about this show. The fans are a big part of the crew and the success – we get a lot of tweets and people telling us they’re looking forward to this show, and they want to see what happens. We got a lot of emails and people saying, “I love the show! I can’t wait for it back, the last four episodes was great!” That was good for us.

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